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M&M Sharpening is a Sole Proprietorship operated by Mark Bertsche.


Established in 2003.



Initial training in Beauty Shears came from Larry Brooks of Sharp Edges in Illinois on the Hamaguri system.

Subsequent training through NSSG Seminars resulted in my becoming a Certified Member of the National Shear Sharpeners Guild (NSSG) in 2005.

I furthered my knowledge by buying a Rapid Edge Machine from Roger Kaye, who taught me his system in 2007.

In 2009 I decided to increase my knowledge of knife sharpening by attending Steve Bottorff's excellent school on knives and garden tools with my son Jeremy & nephew Lance. Jeremy has joined me when he was able between semesters at ESF.

We have refined our techniques & fine-tuned our skills at Farmer's Markets in the Capital District of NY, Syracuse, the Adirondacks & the greater Tampa/St. Pete area.

Your fine cutlery will be handled with the utmost care.

Our system includes two Tormek machines (slow rotation water bathed stones).

The Process - Knives

The first step is to re-establish the correct bevel based on the intended use of the blade. This is accomplished using the standard 220 grit Aluminum Oxide stone. Next, the blade is taken to our second Tormek with a special 4000 grit Japanese water stone. This stone polishes the initial bevel and establishes a secondary bevel with minute burr. The burr is removed and the bevel gets a final polish on the leather wheel using jeweler's rouge.

Japanese knives - most Japanese knives need to be sharpened on bench stones and require additional time and effort to meet our standards and therefore will be taken home to our shop and returned the next week at Market.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Most Garden Tools are sharpened on the belt sander.

All Barber's, Groomer's and household shears are sharpened & honed on the Wolf Ind Twice as Sharp.

We do not sharpen Straight Razors, Swords, Wood turning tools, Chisels, Chainsaws, Clipper Blades and Beauty Shears. Please call before bringing a tool if you don't see it listed with a price.

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